Excitedly Nervous, Nervously Excited

Helloo Internet Folk.


I haven’t posted any random thoughts lately, as I have been extremely busy…deciding to move to New York City!  I have been talking about moving to the Big Apple for about ten years now and I finally have the means to do so.  I’m so excited I could pee and so nervous I could vomit.  It’s a fun mix.  Either way, watch out city slickers, this Midwest chick is about to stir some shit up!


Distracted Comment:  Have you ever watched Mob Wives? I just found the show on Netflix and started watching it.


Cast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cracks me up!  These women are nuts!  I ended up Googling all of them and their famous mob relatives and am now fully educated on the mob life of New York City throughout the 20th century.  I dare you to quiz me.

On another note, the cartoon is still a work in progress; and by that I mean we haven’t actually started writing anything down.  But it is coming!  Hints and updates will follow!


Also, just entered two short stories into a writing contest.  Fingers crossed.





2 thoughts on “Excitedly Nervous, Nervously Excited

  1. gingerkicked says:

    aren’t the mob wives crazy?! They make me laugh, but I’m scared of them.

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