C’est moi?

Okay so this is where I tell you everything about how wonderful I am? AWESOME. I love talking about myself.


I prefer to be shrouded in mystery, cloaked in darkness, smirking mischievously while you look awkwardly away.

…also kidding.

Well if you didn’t quite get it yet, I am such a weirdo.  I enjoy awkwardness, abnormal behavior and all that good stuff.  I will read anything you give me or watch any movie-horror and comedy being my favorite.  I love to learn new things about any subject.  Except math.  I hate math; and yes, mostly because I am not good at math.

I have a dog and a cat, both have Irish names as I LOVE the Irish-ness of my family.  I have visit Ireland once, and I would go back again and again.  I have told people since I was about five that I would one day have a castle in Ireland.  Yes, I am still saying that.  Just wait…crazier things have happened.

I will never get rid of my book collection.  No matter where I move, my books will come with me.

I will not say no to a dare.  As long as I am mostly sure I won’t die, I’ll probably take your dare.  A stupid pride thing perhaps? I don’t know…OH, and I love spook-ing people.  My friends are particularly easy to scare.  I used to get mad when people pranked me, but I am much better at laughing at myself now.

I may not be old, but I’ve definitely learned a few things since I’ve been around.

I cannot end this page without mentioning my especially favorite place, New York City.  I have visited countless times, and it always gets better.  I left a part of my soul there, the first time I went.  That might sound weird, because most people would say they left their heart, but I feel more than that.  NYC will always be a part of me.  I’ll try to explain it to you sometime.

Enjoy my blog!  Hopefully I can entertain you.  If not, have some drinks and come back and read it again.  Guaranteed fun then! Slainte!



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