Casting Call


To follow up from my previous post, I have been looking over all the celebrities to see who I want to play in the upcoming Fifty Shades movie.  And yes, who I want to play the title roles should be an opinion that is valued.  I’ve discussed it with other friends who have read the books and they agree with my picks, so it’s not just me!  Anywho…here they are…

Christian Grey should be played my Matt Bomer.  The man is gorgeous, undoubtably and in excellent physical shape.  Even better, he isn’t too famous yet.  I don’t think they should pick an actor who is already superstar status for some other movie because that title role will already be in everyone’s head.  Matt Bomer is well-known, but not so much to ruin the new character.

Ana Steel should be played by Emma Watson.  Yes, I know a lot of people are already saying this, and I have to agree.  She is adorable and witty, and I think she could handle the role.  Of course, she is already famous as Hermoine, but she is still fairly new to superstar status.  Plus, Ana’s role is just as difficult, if not more so, than Christian’s so the girl who plays Ana has to know what she is doing, and do it well.  And if her British accent slips out, well that’s no big because James’ writing sounds a little British sometimes as well. (“Put the petal to the metal.” ??? Yea, no one says that here)

Katherine K. I am not officially set on yet, but I was thinking Ashley Benson from Pretty Little Liars.  The girl can act, as far as I can tell from that show.  She is also very pretty, bubbly and yet tough enough for the “Katherin K. Inquisition.”

Mrs. Robinson, also not completely sold yet, but I think could be played by Charlize Theron.  The woman is gorgeous–as Elena is; and we just saw her pull off the nasty queen role in the Huntsman, so she could be the conniving other woman just perfectly.

Those are my thoughts and ideas so far.  So if the writers, directors, producers, etc could just take a quick once over of my blog that would be SUPER!!


Fifty Shades of Twilight

Alright.  So I recently finished reading the Fifty Shades of Grey Series; and overall, I enjoyed reading the books.  Now, despite that bit of pleasure, I have SOME issues with the books.  My biggest upset being that the series is ridiculously similar to Twilight.  It seems like James watched True Blood-for the kinky sex, read Twilight-for the love triangle and x-ed out the vampires and other magical folk.  I could literally make a side by side list of the two book series’ and show you all the similarities, big events (Seattle, really?) and small details–Bella’s ring was vintage and oval, just like Ana’s ring is oval.  I might seem overly picky, but as a Twilight fan, it just seemed too similar to be coincidence.  Of course, I’ve never published a book, so my opinion is just a speck in the big ocean of critics.

I do give James props for bringing back the erotic novel.  Everybody knows that people are reading dirty books under the radar, so a big round of applause for bringing them back into the mainstream.  And yes, I have spent serious quality time browsing pictures of movie stars to see who is worthy of being my yummy Christian Grey.  His character was clever and captivating.  Ana was interesting to follow as well, but since I was seeing Bella the entire time, not as fun to read as Christian.  I would love to read the story from his perspective!

There’s my two cents for the day.  Now reading Game of Thrones–yes I am so behind!