Bring Back the Gentleman

I recently reread Jane Eyre; and then just this morning, I watched, for the billionth time, Pride & Prejudice (the Keira Knightley version).  It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve read the books or watched the movies, every time Mr. Bingley proposes to Jane I tear up; and then Mr. Darcy and Lizzie come together and I start crying all over again.  

Now, I am not a gal who cries easily at any little thing.  I guess I am particularly partial to the time periods of those novels, because there are no love stories like those anymore.  I have yet to meet such a gentleman.  The way Bingley agonized over his proposal, his adorable awkward behavior.  And then Mr. Darcy, so strong and stern, and yet falls to pieces for the girl he loves.  Even Jane and Mr. Rochester’s dark love story is beautiful.  Why, oh why cannot men have manners such as theirs?  If there is a reason for my pessimistic attitude towards marriage, it is because there is no-one I have seen to contradict it.

Further, it is not just the men’s manners that cause trouble.  There are just as many women out there who settle for various reasons; or women who put up with their significant others’ behaving poorly.  There are also women who throw themselves out there a little too much, leaving no mystery.  To be specific, having sex five minutes after you meet someone.  Now, I am a 21st century girl, and I am very outspoken and open-minded, but that doesn’t mean I would just sleep with the next guy who gives me a compliment.  Both men AND women should mix their 21st century minds with the genteel actions of the past. 

As a writer with an over-active imagination, I will always have that spark of hope that a Mr. Darcy will sweep me off my feet, but until then, I will be perfectly content becoming successful on my own!