Ode to an Online “Window Shopping” Enthusiast

As a financially challenged twenty-something trying to make a living in a big city, keeping up with fashion trends by buying new and expensive clothes can be difficult.  And by difficult, I mean almost impossible.  By the time I save enough money to buy a dress I’ve been eyeing for weeks, the dress is no longer available or there is something new, gorgeous and expensive that I want.

It’s a rough life, I know…but something I find that helps me get through these hard times is window shopping, online and out in the world. I love and generally prefer window shopping online.  I’ve got about fifteen items, give or take a skirt, in my shopping cart for several different websites.  Even though I don’t actually buy any of it, it’s fun to browse the websites and see what is out there.  In doing this, you might actually find that you have items hidden in a box somewhere that are similar to the new things in your shopping cart.  Especially now that vintage is in, dressing up old rags is the way to go.  So when you find that old t-shirt with a crazy, fat cat wearing sunglasses on it, don’t throw it out!  Instead, throw on some ripped skinny jeans, neon flats and flashy earrings and poof! you have a cute and casual outfit for a Sunday Funday.  Another closet to raid for the vintage trend is your mother’s or even your grandmother’s! Snag those floral printed skirts from your grandmother’s hippie days or a pretty brooch to pair with a simple blouse for a flirty happy hour after work.

Window shopping online is kind of like using Pinterest to find new recipes.  Check out what styles are trending on all those clothing sites and then dig under your bed for that plain jane dress you thought was never going to work; and watch it make a comeback with a new emerald-green belt.

I will admit, I recently caved and bought this super cute, 50’s style, royal purple dress from Modcloth.com.  The dress sat there, in my shopping cart, taunting me for weeks and I finally bought it to wear to my friend’s birthday party.  But what made the outfit come together, was an old neon purple headband with silky black feathers, which I found hiding in a box in my apartment.  Combine the feathered headband, my favorite nude pumps, the new purple dress and voilà! Perfect party outfit and a great night out with friends.