Call to the Wild

Last November, I took a trip to Washington to visit my friends who were living outside of Seattle.  My friend and her hubby are both in the Navy (thankfully both out now!!).  I had always wanted to visit Seattle and I am a Twilight fan, so I thought what better time to visit then when Breaking Dawn Part One comes out in theaters!  The trip started off great; I even had a layover in Arizona, which was where Bella lived before she moved to WA, for those who haven’t read the books.  We took a trip up to Forks and even farther to see the beaches along the Pacific Ocean The scenery was absolutely gorgeous.  The fresh air and massive, bushy trees were amazing; it was nearly impossible to take a bad picture.  Outside of visiting all the Twilight fanfare (we made Team Edward t-shirts and saw the movie at midnight), my favorite place was the wildlife park called Olympic Game Farm.  The OGF is a huge space of land surrounded by mountains and forests that houses wild animals, some who have appeared in movies!

I don’t know if you’ve seen the waving bear that was on the news a little while back?  Yea, I met that bear before he was famous on the news and he was totally my friend first. The tour of the farm is a driving tour, but I never follow the rules.  So I got out of the car and went right up to the fence to take his picture.  I would have jumped the fence and given him a hug, but I didn’t have enough time to sneak in a snuggle.  Anyway, the bear was even the best part…I am an all-around animal lover, but wolves are one of my favorite wild animals; and OGF was FULL of them.  All different kinds.  We stopped in front of one fenced off area to see a massive wolf standing a top a big piece of wood.  He stood there, regal as ever, regarding us with little interest and proceeded to lean his head back and howl away.  It was the, for lack of a better phrase, coolest thing I had ever seen.  After a moment, as the lone wolf continued to howl, we started to hear other wolves howling, and not just the ones on the farm.  Howls echoed around us from the forests covering the surrounding hills and mountains.  It was an experience I won’t forget.  If you ever get the chance to travel to Seattle, make sure to make the drive to the Olympic Game Farm.


Fifty Shades of Twilight

Alright.  So I recently finished reading the Fifty Shades of Grey Series; and overall, I enjoyed reading the books.  Now, despite that bit of pleasure, I have SOME issues with the books.  My biggest upset being that the series is ridiculously similar to Twilight.  It seems like James watched True Blood-for the kinky sex, read Twilight-for the love triangle and x-ed out the vampires and other magical folk.  I could literally make a side by side list of the two book series’ and show you all the similarities, big events (Seattle, really?) and small details–Bella’s ring was vintage and oval, just like Ana’s ring is oval.  I might seem overly picky, but as a Twilight fan, it just seemed too similar to be coincidence.  Of course, I’ve never published a book, so my opinion is just a speck in the big ocean of critics.

I do give James props for bringing back the erotic novel.  Everybody knows that people are reading dirty books under the radar, so a big round of applause for bringing them back into the mainstream.  And yes, I have spent serious quality time browsing pictures of movie stars to see who is worthy of being my yummy Christian Grey.  His character was clever and captivating.  Ana was interesting to follow as well, but since I was seeing Bella the entire time, not as fun to read as Christian.  I would love to read the story from his perspective!

There’s my two cents for the day.  Now reading Game of Thrones–yes I am so behind!